Wedding Themes

With a celebration that lasts over several days, weddings in India are auspicious occasions that call for unending feasting, dancing, drinking, performing rites and toasting with near and dear ones. The anticipation of a wedding starts much earlier than the actual day and there is huge chaos and excitement to get everything done just right. From the venue, the jewelry, the photographer, the menu to … Continue reading Wedding Themes

Khurana Jewellery House: A legacy since 1950

It is said that every piece of jewellery tells a story. Defining such stories for more than seven decades now is Khurana Jewellery House – the trusted name in the industry for authentic ornaments and gems. Khurana Jewellery House is a brand name that invokes opulent desires and  offers satisfactory experiences. Khurana Jewellery House is the signature brand name in the league of jewellers, providing … Continue reading Khurana Jewellery House: A legacy since 1950

 Ten Songs For Your Grand Bridal Entry

The music at a wedding sets its mood and without a doubt is the best form of emotional expression. There is an abundance of songs to choose from to set the your wedding mood but somehow most of our brides end up entering on that same overplayed playlist.Whether it be a day wedding or a late night soireé, Din Shagna Da has brought in almost … Continue reading  Ten Songs For Your Grand Bridal Entry