A Whole New ‘See’ of Possibilities

One of the most unforgettable memories you build as a couple is putting together your first home, there is no greater joy than two individuals coming together in perfect harmony. No element is too big or too small, each part is important as more importantly must represent you as a couple.

While most things are usually picked on pieces that unite you, they must also merit their worth in functionality. The one thing that we know is perhaps toughest to agree upon is a TV. No living room is complete without this as a centerpiece. The array of streaming platforms, gaming setups, live sports viewing, and more, it needs to be something that accommodates all these needs with an extra edge. Plus it can’t take away from the decor either, basically, the search always remains one that lets the piece stand out and yet blend in and typically occupies three fourths of a wall in the living room. Yet, a black framed screen rarely blends with the decor — right from minimalistic homes to ornately designed ones. But LG is all set to change that. It is bringing beauty back to gadgets with its OLED TV series that unlocks a new level of TV design.

Welcome The LG OLED TV, a slim yet powerful device that flushes against your wall whilst still looking like a piece of art. Imagine a television that is just as thick as a white painted lacquered glass? The LG OLED TV (the OLED 65 G1 model) is just 20 millimeters thick, like the glass which is becoming quite popular in modern homes. The sleek design is made possible by its self-lit technology and hence does not require backlights.

The screen comes alive with 33.2million self-lit sub-pixels that enhance your viewing experience by leaps and bounds. Its Bluetooth connections, internet-enabled viewing make it the best buy for cord-cutters who like to decorate their homes adorn their wall with a TV without tastelessly hanging cords. Its Filmmaker Mode is curated with suggestions from top Hollywood directors to deliver images the way they are intended. It disables post processing effects like motion smoothing, noise reduction, and sharpening. It preserves the correct frame ratios and colours to replicate the director’s vision.

The LG OLED TVs are perfect for sports fans, too. It offers exhilarating viewing experiences – made possible by the new α9 Gen 4 AI Processor – and sports-centric features that bring the game to the home. It is also the first in the TV industry to offer NVIDIA G-SYNC® compatibility and newly added gaming features to provide a responsive and immersive experience for serious gamers.

Equipped with voice recognition and AI ThinQ, to make your home a digital fairytale, all you need to do is say the command. Infact, TV owners with a penchant for articulate styling can load a screensaver of paintings or patterns to surprise their unassuming guests that they are looking at a painting or piece of art on the wall. When completely switched off, it blends into the wall like a thing of beauty which can bring joy forever.

Needless to say, it’s powered by the latest technology that promises lesser eye strain and smarter viewing. All in all, it’s everything you are looking for in a television, let your search for the perfect one end here.

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