The House of MBj: Finery at its best

The House of MBj has been making jewellery since the past two centuries and they have only gotten better with time.

Seldom do you come across a jewellery label that has held on to the same principles of fine craftsmanship from their inception, the House of MBj is that rare gem who has and continues to till this very day. They started their journey into the world of all things fine all the way back in 1897, from then on they have gone to create some of the most creative and sought after creation in the market and retail out of some of the most popular cities in India. 

The house strongly believes in the power of creating heirloom jewellery and this innate nature of crafting pieces that will last a lifetime have made them one of the most trusted jewellers in the market here and internationally. 

The journey has been carried on for six generations and so it’s no surprise that they understand the art of passing on artful creations comes from their own experience. The strongest and most popular pieces are mostly based in gold that come with diamonds and polki. The craftsmanship and masterful eye required to create fine polki is something that very few labels have been able to capture and continue successfully for so long. 

A creative mix of contemporary and antique is the essential theme House of MBj meditates on. The result is an eclectic mix of keepsake worthy kadhas, intricate chokers, elaborate chandelier earrings among others that have enticed their clientele for years on end. 

Each piece has a story to tell, a theme to celebrate and an occasion to match, and bridal pieces are what the house closely resonates to. An array of statement pieces that feature a variety of gemstones including Burmese rubies, Columbian emeralds, polki diamonds and many more, each one is one to cherish. 

Head to them for pieces that will truly make you believe in the power of transformative jewellery and make your wedding look one to remember. 

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