Goenka India: Diamonds are forever

Goenka India has been at the helm of creating contemporary diamond creations with the finest diamonds in the business and they are perfect for your big day.

It’s not cliche when they say ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ after all, it is one of the most precious materials known to man and crafting them just right takes decades of excellence. The Goenka house has been synonymous with fine diamonds for decades of excellence and in 2019 they launched the Goenka India label under the watchful eye of Nitin Goenka. 

His knowledge base of the gemstone dates back to years of understanding the international market and supplying fine diamonds to the most celebrated brands in the world. The Goenka India label takes in all these learnings and crafts pieces with utmost precision and craftsmanship. With an intrinsic artistic outlook and a global mindset, each piece is made like a work of art. 

In addition to diamonds, the gemstone division also looks into high quality precious stones that are chosen with care and a sensibility of fine design. The vivid colours and transparency lends them to be ideal canvases for bridal pieces. 

Head to them as they launch their new collection of masterful bridal pieces that are sure to be a gem in any bride’s look. Built with the simple thought that bridal creations aren’t meant to be heavy but beautiful, their craftsmanship truly comes alive in these pieces. With an array of styles, there is surely one for every bride out there. 

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