Archana Aggarwal Timeless Jewellery: Everyday classics

Archana Aggarwal Timeless Jewellery has a strong aesthetic for translating time honoured motifs into everyday wearables and celebration pieces alike.

When shopping for jewellery there are usually some designers who offer an array of everyday classics and some stores that give you a plethora of pieces that will be ideal for festive looks, Archana Aggarwal Timeless Jewellery is that rare mix of the two. Her deep understanding of gems allows her to spread her creative energies across both variation and make pieces that will suit your every mood.

Back when the jewellery business was still considered one that could only be inherited, Archana Aggarwal knew her calling and took the plunge to actually study the craft. By 2003, she began her label, fully equipped with the nuances of the art. As a true design student, her best ideas come to life when she is drawing them on paper.

Open to giving your vision life, bespoke creations is a large part of what Archana Aggawal does. In addition to that she is also instrumental in creating pieces that are inspired by artefacts into modern pieces. Each of her designs is an ode to the amalgamation of a traditional and contemporary. 

A large variation of everyday light creation and an array of heavy pieces dot her collection. The pieces are brought to life with the highest standards of precision and craftsmanship, in addition to featuring the finest gems and noble metals.

Head to her for a quick fix of everyday pieces that can seamlessly be translated for occasionwear. Trousseau collectibles is the flavour of the season, and Archana Aggarwal Timeless Jewellery is the one who can satiate that need with ease. 

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