Kantilal Jewellers: A generational touch

Kantilal has been a part of a jewellery business for almost a century and their philosophy has been the same since the very beginning—excellence, always.

Selecting jewellery for your big day is a very private affair, and while designs and styles are a part of the process it is the emotions that truly take over when taking a call on what to get. Which is why it isn’t uncommon for the bride to pick pieces that have been in the home for generations, heirloom creations are a part of the bridal trousseau almost by default. However it’s always great to buy a few if not too many pieces, Kantilal understands this very idea of private and intimate bridal jewellery shopping and has been catering to this market for over 70 years.

Based in Surat, Gujrat, Kantilal has built a name for themselves as one of the most loved jewellers over the past seven decades. With an array of one-of-a-kind creations that are especially made for their bridal vertical, they are someone who is a go-to when it comes to shopping jewellery for the big day. 

The nuance of having something that is truly your own and only yours is an emotion that Kantilal truly meditates on and which is why till this day, when a customer walks through their doors, they see to it that they personally attend to their every need and want when it comes to bridal pieces. 

Head to them for that family like setting where your wishes are their command and the finest jewels in the world are your oyster. From extremely traditional creations in fine noble metals to the rare gemstone set contemporary creations, they have it all. 

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