Bespoke Vintage Jewels: A Collector’s Delight

Bespoke Vintage Jewels are the perfect gate-way jewellery for those who have just built their appetite towards previous pieces with costume flair.

When it comes to collecting pieces you love, they are best accompanied by a story. It could be heirloom pieces passed down from your favourite family member, creations you pieced from a fantastic holiday or something you bought that is close to your heart. Bespoke Vintage Jewels is one such brand that’s own story is so compelling and what’s even more interesting is that each piece is an extension of that very story. 

Founders Shweta and Nitesh Gupta’s idea was to get inspired by the fine arts that surround us including temples, royal traditions and the Victorian era. Each collection juxtaposes these little nuances, pieces that truly find value in our celebratory and everyday life. 

Shweta originally studied fashion design but it was jewellery that truly caught her imagination, this was a medium that truly allowed her to express her undying love for design, form and functionality. 

Taking stones that aren’t found easily like aged diamonds, rare gemstones and vintage noble metals, the creations are an amalgamation of old meets new. The designs pertain to the beauty of the old world, adding perfect value to the style of today. 

Head to them for adding that perfect touch vintage perfection with flare. With clients that include Bollywood, high society and even politicians, their vast set of designs appeal to all age-groups and style brackets that can truly be made your own. 

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