Aisha Rao: Careful, Curated, Conscious & Creative

Aisha Rao’s designs are meant for the sustainable yet luxurious creature within you.

While we all understand how the wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar vertical that generates thousands of opportunities for various enterprises, the ugly side is how utterly wasteful it is… It would be wondrous to see more people caring for just that very thought, lucky for us, Aisha Rao is just that. A woke designer aware of all the wasteful practices, and she is doing her very part to recreate magic with things that would otherwise be rotting in landfills. 

Hailing from Hyderabad, Aisha Rao is actually a lawyer by degree but it was design that caught her eye and she went to further explore her love for fashion in style hubs Barcelona and then in New York. It was only when she came back with the backing of the worldly perspective of fashion that she discovered her signature—occasion wear with a twist. 

Wholeheartedly a believer of all things beautiful, Aisha Rao’s focus remains on creating ensembles for special milestones, with techniques like applique, zari, aari work, macrame, and more. The focus always remains on how to beautify the existing with the touch of craft. Each garment is made from up-cycled fabrics that come together with her unique vision for creating pieces for the millennial bride with traditional artforms. 

The philosophy of ikagai—the japanese art of mending things to make them even  more beautiful runs deep within the roots of the label. Each collection is an ode to this very thought, taking rejected fabrics/pieces of cloth that would otherwise end up adding weight to the world, these are then beautified by adding her very own signature touch of craft, workmanship and extremely cutting edge design that truly makes you believe that if something is treated right, everything can be a piece of art.

Head to them for an artful approach to your big day; her lehengas are one-of-a-kind and will most definitely take the stress of adding a carbon footprint. 

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