Abha Dalmia: Rooted in tradition, Relmed in love

Abha Dalmia’s constant focus to bring out the true Banarasi will make you fall in love with classics all over again.

The one thing that every young girl has done is gone to her mother’s closet and picked a sari and tried to drape it on just right, lusted after the ‘heavier’ pieces and wondered how they would look on them and hoped to wear them just as gracefully someday… These pieces are more often than not feature a traditional craft from India and one of the most beautiful ones is woven Banarasis. Abha Dalmia’s creations meditate on this very craft and constantly remind patrons of the beauty of their intricate nature.

What started 40 years ago as a project to uplift her own wardrobe with fine banarasi saris, Abha Dalmia soon realised the state of affairs the most talented weavers in Banaras actually go through—no recognition and little to know understanding of their fine workmanship. She took it upon herself to voice them to the world and started her label that uplifts them.

Soon she found herself at the helm of not only giving them meaningful and regular work but also being able to support them for future generations and today, most of the weavers are in a place where they can let their children’s dreams grow into reality, helping them with education and a better future.

The basic premise of Abha Dalmia’s work is rooting her pieces back to age old designs that have been lost in translation over the decades and her aim is to bring them back in style. Apart from the traditional creations that are made in silk, organza and georgette, she also focuses on taking inspiration from age-old pieces like Ram Naami Chada. 

Delve into her collection to rediscover your love for all things traditional, done in bright bold colours with threads that shine in motifs that melt away like stories in your wardrobe. 

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