Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika: Loud, Proud and very you!

Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika is a label that captures the flirtatious nature of Indianwear with a whole lot of fun.

Bright hues sprung with fine beads, sequins, a flurry of charms and more, Papa don’t preach by Shubhika gives a new definition to how you see your traditional ensembles. With an innate nature of playfulness, each piece is threaded to perfection while keeping this very thought in mind. 

While the label was brought to life when now designer Shubhika Davda was still just a student and she would manage her time between college and running a bespoke atelier that tailored thought provoking pieces. Over the years, Shubhika created a name for herself by creating a brand that not only catered to clothes but a whole mood that captured accessories in the same breath. They were equally dramatic and very very distinctive from what was available. 

Today Papa Don’t Preach is a go-to for the young and restless and all other age groups, her fierce urban outlook combined with an indomitable love for traditional silhouettes and styles creates a winning combination that appeals to everyone. 

The bridal couture line was only added to her suite of offerings in 2012, and there has been no looking back, an eclectic mix of taffeta, silk, net, and every fabric under the sun meet glass beads, applique work, motif style sequins and a whole lot of embroidery in a colour palette that simply cannot be missed. 

Each collection has a unique stronghold over her iconic aesthetic and is presented with ensembles, accessories, jewellery, shoes and more to match. Completing each look from start to finish without batting an eyelid, simply answering the forever question that troubles every bride—what would I wear with this? 

Head to her for a fresh take on how you can contemporise your traditional ensemble with the power of great design and colour. Don’t be afraid to take a chance, there is something for every style, mood and function that awaits you. Redefining what Indian couture could actually be, Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika is the designer you need when you truly want to light up your look.

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