When you think of wedding jewellery, one of the first things that come to mind is kundan, the traditional art form of using gold foil to mount gemstones has been on for centuries in India, and one of the greatest custodians of it has been Rambhajo Jewels. 

Started in 1921 by Shri Shri Kishan Gilara and still managed by the same family over a century later, Rambhajo jewels was established in Jaipur with one simple mission—to make kundan jewellery an investment piece again. Over the years, many misconceptions have led consumers to believe that it depreciates over time and hence, the beautiful craft has seen a magnanimous downfall compared to other jewelled crafts. Their idea was to restore its lost luster and celebrate this fine craft once again.  

Today, with the fourth generation on the front foot, the brand has grown exponentially over the past century, they now have a flagship store in Jaipur, another store in Jodhpur and wholesafe offices in the country’s financial capital, Mumbai. 

While kundan is truly special to the family and the brand, they are also curators of the finest styles from the country, be it South Indian temple style jewels, Nizami creations, Mughal inspired designs and even Rajput infused creations. The idea is to delve deep into the ancient artform and recreate the magic from yesteryear. 

“We have people whose great grandfather came to us and now new additions to the family come and shop with us. As value for money is the mantra, jewellery can’t be sold just as a fashionable ornament, it must be linked to a memory or blessing, what we call ‘shubh’ and that’s what makes it special.”


Their classic kundan creations are on full display, while the ancient art from is over 400 years old and has certain styles that suit it best, the house has found ways and designs to contemporise their pieces for younger and modern brides. Each piece is crafted with the same skill and perfection they did, over a century ago, just in a new avatar. In addition, their bouquet of other traditional jewellery from around the country will also be on showcase. 


The undying love for kundan truly touches our hearts, and most importantly, they do it with full zeal and vigour till this day, over a 100 years later.

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