They say crystals have healing powers and must be handled with care, that’s exactly what mindful decor label NUI Crystals is synonymous with, creative, unique, and very thoroughly thought through design, each creation is one to definitely have and hold. 

The label was founded by Urvika and Sanjiv Kapur in 2016. The key was to present the world with thoughtfully designed crystal creations that can find their way into every home. Over time, the brand became a regular go-to when it came to custom wedding gifts, corporate gifts, home accents, furniture, crystal self care and healing stones in different forms to create unique pieces of art.

Having professional training and experience in Design and Spirituality, the designers at NUI are combining their learning to create exceptional objects for the discerning customer. The Founders of NUI are formally trained in Design and Gemology from the premier institutions in the field namely Parsons School of Design New York and Gemological Institute of America.

“We at NUI believe in spreading positivity through distinct design. Each stone is chosen with special care to bring about positive changes for the client.”


Their entire range of collectables is up for grabs including serveware, healing pieces, celebratory decor, gift collections and more. The cherry on the icing? They are even open to hearing your ideas for custom creations!


NUI Crystals seamlessly blends natural semi precious stones, silver, wood, ceramic and metal with crystals so creatively, each piece is like a work of art. 

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