Staying true to their roots and giving it a modern twist, Kotawala presents diamond jewellery in a whole new mood. Their treatment is fresh, the diamonds are brilliant and the craftsmanship is unmissible! 

Hailing from the city of Kotah, Rajasthan, the label was originally launched by GDK Jewels in the 18th century. Over the past two centuries, Kotawal has preserved the fine art of diamond jewellery making and only uplifted it over time. 

The art of creating diamond jewelry in its traditional form flourished in Kotah during the 18th century. The jewels crafted today are woven with a rich family tradition, passed down from generation to generation resulting in its distinct quality perfected through skilled artisans and craftsmen. It is the brand’s relentless dedication to perfection that has led it to be the legacy heritage jeweller they are today. 

“Our collections represent a journey through heritage, traditions, culture and modernity and your treasure to preserve forever. We guarantee that each and every jewel bearing the Kotawala mark is perfect, unparalleled in quality and workmanship.”


Diamonds galore of course! An eclectic mix of multi-layered diamond lariats that can be worn separately or together, rings of all types, bangles that will stack up for the big day and can be worn as statement singles for daily wear, bracelets that always remain timeless and earrings that can be passed down generations. 


The biggest challenge with diamonds is mixing them with other gemstones without losing focus, Kotawala has the keen eye to make each gem shine alike and most importantly, make them shine in harmony.

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