If the lotus motif had a home, it would have to be in the fine designs of Rohit Bal. The legendary Indian wear designer has literally been in the biz for as long as one can remember and his iconic anarkalis and lehengas have stood the test of time. The classic appeal never fades, much like his personal charm. 

Rohit Bal’s journey in the world of Indian fashion began in the year 1990, marrying his kashmiri heritage with modern designs juxtaposed with the country’s rich craftsmanship, his label quickly gained commercial success in no time. He also came to be known as the go-to celebration wear designer and his signature a-line silhouettes appealed to all ages, body types and styles. 

Studied from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, the designer has always had a sense of the discerning Indian consumer. His designs exude a timeless elegance that has made his clothes an exemplar example of fine Indian wear. 

Essentially inspired by the mughal and gupta period in history, a Rohit Bal ensemble involves fine fabric woven from domestic weavers in their finest quality, volumes of fabric that fall perfectly without drowning the wearer, an indian craft that is hand-done, an unexpected mix of colours and definitely motifs that are either peacocks or lotuses, what’s not to love? 

The designer is also prolifically known for his collaborations with brands from around the globe; Chritain Louboutin, Hidesign, Oriflame, Mitsubishi Outlander and Windproof Zippo Lighters are just a few of the many. 

“When I design, I create a narrative with a free-spirited imagination and existent reality, side by side, and not just as a piece of garment.”


Lehengas that will help you navigate the entire festive season, dreamy anarkalis, and of course his daytime-chic menswear that looks as delicious in florals as it does in solids. 


The question is what’s not to love about Rohit Bal? His paradigm appeal is what set the tone for classic indian fashion in the country, he is not just a label to own, but one to embody.

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