Pastels take a whole new meaning when it comes to Devika Bhayana, her gentle approach to fashion immediately appeals across various age groups. Soft, supple and delicate are just a few words to describe her creations, but what sets them apart is the distinct quality that they are made with. 

Bhayana began her journey purely fueled from passion in 2017, what then led her to move further was in fact our exhibit! She created a collection exclusively for Bridal Asia and under our very own Divya Gurwara and her dear friend Devika Khanna, the rest as they say was history…

The one thing that you can’t miss when you spot a Devika Bhayana garment is the attention to details—be it fine lace, intricate embroidery, silhouettes that never fail and her contemporary take, all together they never disappoint. 

“Combining western aesthetics to traditional wear by creating silhouettes that are a blend of elegance and timeless femininity.”


All her classics and more are on offer, that are perfect for a celebration at home, your first special meeting the in-laws, perhaps even a romantic date! The beauty of Bhayana’s creations are their versatility, they literally can be worn anywhere.


Devika Bhayana will always be special to us, right from the start we believed in her keen eye and unique aesthetic, the real question is what is not to love? 

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