Sometimes all you need in life is a little transformative garment to spark up your wardrobe, who has the time to plan numerous ensembles for various occasions specially those that transcend one after another? Say goodbye to those woes and head to SEAMS Pret & Couture, a label that prides themselves on fine craftsmanship with a keen sensibility towards deanture. 

Started by Mrs. Sajeda Lehry and Mr. Yunus Rajkotwala, SEAMS found its way in their lives from an actual need of mutative creations and as this thought turned into reality, it soon became a staple. The name of the label literally means a stitch that holds a fabric together, much like their creations that can hold your vestments together when in doubt. With the thought of creating modern day needs with a traditional charm, each outfit is an extension of today’s contemporary woman.

At first glance, it is clear that each garment is created with deep thought and keen sensitivity towards the end goal—a garment that will last in your cupboard for a while, one that can be styled in various ways, worn multiple times and most importantly, last the test of time. While trends come and go, their crisp construction and easy going yet flattering silhouettes will most definitely be relevant even a decade from today, a perfect trousseau investment is what we like to call it!

A fine line is drawn when creating a collection, from selecting timeless textiles to fusing them with delicate hand embroideries, embellishments and tonal intricate motifs. What emerges is an enchanting juxtaposition of Seams’ signature resplendence: leather applique embroidery with a medley of zardozi, resham, dori and sequins.

What’s more? The label practivies intensive sustainability from the get go, be it material procurement, design creation, garment production and even finishing, each step of the way is staccatoed with keeping the environment in mind.

“Our handcrafted marvels are inspired by all things beautiful – nature, architecture, and geometry to simple everyday joys; where each handcrafted garment has a beautiful story to tell. “Seams” is a creative amalgamation of tradition, heritage and indigenous crafts with a contemporary approach”


A cumulative collection featuring mellow tones that range from pastel pinks to lilacs, yellows to blush-rose, coral to  ivory, and aqua to mint. This delightful rainbow comes in a variety of a-line kurtas, breezy pants, fluid kaftans, easy-going separates and more! The clean cut, graceful yet complimenting silhouettes are ideal for women of all sizes and shapes! There is something for everyone! Also, to match these brilliant ensembles are potli bags that are the perfect match to each piece! 


The idea of investing in something timeless is the pass-on value of them all, SEAMS Pret & Couture has that very quality and we can’t stop gushing over it! The bonus is also the fact that they are age-less, so feel free to share this little gift amongst family and friends…

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