Pearls, sequins, crystals and metallic thread motifs, bring it all in! When it comes to bridal couture, Seema Gujral definitely sits atop the statement bandwagon. Her pleasing hue selection and rich craftsmanship result in bespoke couture creations that have found their way into the hearts of clients in India and all over the world. 

The self taught designer first set her steps in the world of fashion in 1995 with a production house titled Iris. From then on she embarked upon a journey of fine embroidered garments and ethereal craftsmanship with an avante-garde touch. Since the past 25 years she has achieved an accolade when it comes to custom bridal creations that have been eulogised immensely. 

While her ensembles cater to a wide audience from around the globe, it’s her diligent attention to details that truly brings out the best in them. Think embellished lehengas, grazing duppatas, opulent separates and show-stopping gowns. The goal for her label is simple—to give the best of India’s crafts for the modern woman. 

When you look at a Seema Gujral garment up close is when you can appreciate it best, the delicate details are what make it one-of-a-kind. Also, what sets her lehegas apart from those in the market is the impeccable finishing, she prides her army of skilled Indian craftsmen who are equipped with generational talent and utmost zeal when it comes to producing fine Indian pieces. 

“I am very excited to showcase my couture collection Portraits. Through this collection I have tried to express my love for Indian royalty via elaborate embroideries and intricate craftsmanship making each piece timeless. I believe that there is a sense of hidden royalty in every woman &  this collection will help them unleash the queen within.”


Her latest creations are a plunge into the royals of yesteryear, and the maharanis gone by. Inspired by their innate sense of style and elegant panache, this collection presents an array of collectables that can be worn for years to come. The innovative juxtaposition of mirrorwork and pearls with gottapatti make these pieces shine in the truest sense—ideal for the bride-to-be.


The ability to transcend from an indulgence to an investment is rare and Seema Gurjral’s pieces have that quality. Think of them as pieces you are possessing for future generations and start your collection of must haves by her today.

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