With a strong hold over gemstones, colour, carat, diamonds and all things fine jewellery, Ankit Lodha’s Jewels of Jaipur has made their mark when it comes to creating fine traditional jewellery. Nestled in the heart of Jaipur, the brand constantly finds itself inspired by it’s gorgeous architecture and deeply rooted history in their designs.

Founder Ankit Lodha aspired to be a scientist, however, given his family was in the business of gemstones, he found science in the art of gemstones and took it to the next level. In 2014, he was hit by the realisation that only diamonds would not cut it to set oneself apart in the market and delved into the art of heritage jewellery—what Jewels of Jaipur is best known for today. 

His passion for the art was heightened when he studied at the Gemological Institute of America, California,  after which he buried himself further in the craft by equipping himself with skills like polishing, filing, soldering and setting on his own merit. 

Crafts like polki, kundan and meenakari soon became signature styles of the brand as Lodha understood the workmanship inside out, being able to transcend the value of these ancient crafts to the customer making them realise their value, and how they are an investment. 

The label also strongly believes in making jewellery a part of your own style and strives everyday to create one-of-a-kind creations that can be appreciated for generations to come. Customisation is also a large part of the process, customers from all around the globe come to them with their vision and designs to turn them into reality.

“The more efforts you put into the research and discovery phase of a project, the easier the design process becomes.”


Their latest collection is an amalgamation of traditional bridal pieces that vary from regals necklaces, elaborate earrings, traditional kangans and bangles, statement maang-tikaas, mesmerising naaths and rings that can be worn on the big day and otherwise.


What makes Jewels of Jaipur one-of-a-kind for us is that their pieces are always light weight and are made with the highest precision. That balance of choosing the right stones, melding them into the craft and yet creating a final piece that doesn’t weigh you down is simply mesmerising!

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