Not every designer gets to grace Paris Fashion Week, and Zara Umrigar is not every designer for sure. Her edgy yet elegant style balance has courtiséd the French audience only last year and she has been dressing the best of Bollywood since inception, so what makes this young gun tick? 

Her eponymous label first hit the scene in 2011, whose lead focus was intricate embroidery in old-school Hollywood inspired silhouettes. Umrigar studied economics from London and fashion wasn’t always on the cards for her, it was only when she lived in the vivacious city that her appetite to pursue fashion full time came into being. To make her yearning a reality, she studied further at the prestigious London School of Fashion and that gave her the courage to dive deeper into her passion. 

When the designer looks back on her childhood, she keenly remembers her mother, former Miss India and renowned designer Sabita Dhanrajgir who has been a huge inspiration in her life. She often speaks about how it was her mother’s diligent passion towards creating fine couture, looking at her deep in the process, from swatch to reality that really keeps her spirits constantly fueled in the fashion world. 

When you look at her clothes, they are a breath of fresh air, carefully curated fabrics that exhilarate the garment, attention to detail when it comes to embroidery and of course, plenty of glamour with the high cut slits, bright colour schemes and dreamy silhouettes. It is no surprise that her clothes have graced the covers of many leading fashion magazines of the country and the list of bollywood loyalists is endless. 

“Each collection I create is a part of who I am and what I believe in. From outfits depicting endangered parts of our planet and wildlife, to women empowerment.. every piece has a powerful message behind it and is intended to make a woman feel like the best version of herself.”


An eclectic mix of her glamorous creations including several gowns, each of which have a story of their own… What makes her line so exquisite is how it caters to so many styles, so there is something for everyone. 


Seeing Umrigar’s work on so many stars has literally made us believe her clothes have that x-factor that makes you just pop the minute you slip into them!

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