With a legacy that spans from the Nizams of Hyderabad to the biggest Bollywood stars of today, Goenka India has been a visionary when it comes to the art of fine jewellery. Procuring the finest gemstones and diamonds from around the globe, it is the heritage craftsmen under the keen and creative eye of Nitin Goenka that makes their creations one-of-a-kind.

The beginnings were humble with trading ricerche gemstones to the bluecoat capitals of the world, soon enough  leading to formulating enchanting pieces while collecting an avid following of clients who couldn’t get enough. 

Jewellery has long been known to be something you can pass down through generations and Goenka India’s udying customer base has been a part of their journey for ages. Their promise of exquisite diamonds and gemstones with designs that are set to hero them is a combination few can pass on. 

While they say that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ we also believe they are those that tie bonds of a lifetime. Be it the ceremonial ring, the deep hearted custom of parents passing down pieces to their daughter, the celebration of a first anniversary, the joy of that much awaited anniversary or just a special birthday, diamonds fit everywhere. 

Goenka India’s constant dealings in haute diamontaire and joaillier helped them gain immense insight from royal families and private clients from around the globe, seamlessly transitioning them to jewellery designers who not only have a strong hold over the stones, but the design itself as well. This rare combination of two expertise has led them to be in every hotspot with their congregation of brilliantly cut, flawlessly coloured, profoundly carated and prisimly coloured diamond jewellery. 

Today they are also known to collaborate with couturiers, stylists and fashion designers to make their jewellery a piece that appeal to the modern bride of today and yet have creations that will  appease the paternal and maternal generations. 

“Our ‘karigars’ are the pillars behind the brilliant work at Goenka India. They are our treasured family, our pride and joy. They are carriers of their family legacy of art in jewels of over a 100 years. Their skills of impeccable craftsmanship is a legacy passed down to them from their forefathers.”


An array of regal necklaces, statement earrings, delicate bracelets, befitting cuffs and rings that cater to every style. There is also a healthy mix of eclectic yet heavy pieces and light, add ons, all of which can be tailored to your needs.


There is nothing more fascinating than a multi-purpose piece of fine jewellery, we are in love with Goenka India’s brooches, they can be used to amp up any ensemble be it indian or western!

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