Romancing the idea of glamorous couture since the 90s, Monisha Jaising has been a stalwart of the edgy and modern Indian Wear. Her multi-dimensional lines are an ode to the contemporary mood of a woman, be it classic, eclectic, chic or laid back, she has an ensemble for everything!

Her journey began in 1990, after a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Magna cum Laude) from The American College of Applied Arts (London) and Honors in Fashion Illustration from The Royal College of Arts (London), she launched her eponymous label through the multi-brand retail store Ensemble. Soon enough she was known to be the go-to when it came to defining your style with just your clothes, her pieces made the wearer look effortlessly chic with her pathbreaking designs.

Known to reinvent the kurti, she put this simple staple on the map as an alluring option, redefining its original narrative as just another indian garment in your closet. Her USP is simple—think glamorous, feel fabulous. While the options from her lines are immense, its all about how you want to feel on that day, at that moment, for that occasion, and she has it!

Luxurious textiles armed with the finest craftsmanship are a given, whilst fine cuts that beguile your figure are an added advantage. She is also an avid sustainability practitioner and has removed plastic from every step of the way, from production to final sales. 

“The brand’s core identity is laid-back glamour and effortless resort chic. My creations do not need much accessorising at all. I love bling, shine and shimmer. Even a monochrome gown will have an accent of shine to it through way of an interesting hand embellishment. My audience relates to my signature style the most – the Monisha Jaising Kurtis with a twist and the waist cut-out concept saris.”

Monisha Jaising


Her line of dreamy kaftans, blinged out drape essentials, saris packed with embroidered blouses that are a perfect for that engagement ceremony at home and of course her signature kurits that can make their way into any occasion.


The idea of simply choosing garments based on a feeling is a true luxury, allow yourself to take a deep dive into the charming world of Monisha Jaising, sit tight and let the collection talk to you while you just react on what calls out to you the most. And trust us, you’ll know exactly where to wear it the minute you see it!

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