Through the lens of Kantilal Jewellers: A peak into the Indian regal opulence

Amidst the monochromatic lives we all lead, jewels add a sense of sheer lustre, which add value to our special moments. Adding hues of vibrancy, its not uncommon to find ourselves donning our great grandmother’s wedding ring or the necklace our mom wore on her wedding day. Such jewels are treasured and adorned for they have been passed on for decades and carry with themselves a piece of time we might never be able to recreate.

When we own these pieces of jewelry, they remind us of the trust we had entailed on the jewellers who have been there for time immemorial and have passed on their expertise and craftsmanship to the next generation with the same finesse.

One such trusted name in this industry is Kantilal Jewellers, based out of the humble state of Surat, which has been a hub for diamonds for decades now. Having been celebrated for their existence for more than 70 years now, Kantilal Jewellers are taking their lineage forward with immense pride. Taking inspiration from the pages of history, the team of craftsmen has built a range of jewels, which display elegance and sheer exquisiteness, giving us a peak into the world of Indian regality. The brand Kantilal Jewellers have evolved like no other as to provide for the Indian bride everything she desires along with a custom experience so as to design her jewellery as per her unique persona. The brand believes in acknowledging ones idea of design when it comes to making big investments, the team of dedicated salesman are there to help the client make the best decision. 

If you are a to be bride or a just looking to invest in some fine jewellery, ask yourself these three questions:

What makes you trust a jeweller? 

What kind of stones apart from gold do you want to buy?

Are you looking for a modern day design or a timeless piece? 

We would say trust is quite subjective but when it comes to placing confidence, its longevity and permanence in the industry is enough for you to believe in it. Secondly, the fact that investing in stones will give you no value later is a rumour, which needs to be rewritten. At Kantilal, you would get only high quality precious gems, which are also certified by international and national bodies. This way you know that they are genuine and carry a value based on the current market scenarios. Here, you can expect a wide range of meenakari, polki, kundan and precious stones all set with utter perfection into bridal necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings and everything to satiate your golden desires. Not to forget that fads come and go but timeless pieces will go a long way making its way into your generation next and proving itself to be an invaluable asset. 

Here is a sneak peak into the world of regal jewellery that shouts opulence and radiance with a piece of heritage crafted with perfection!

Text by: Vidhi Sagar Mukhi

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