What’s an Indian wedding if not a mixed bag of jewels! Jewels that are those mixed emotions, stereotypical characters, and profound celebrations. Then there are the actual jewels you seek that hold value not just monetary but its worth in heritage and tradition. When looking for something that represents legacy and is nothing short of an heirloom look no further than Krishna Jewellers. 

With a rich lineage of over half a century and having traversed decades and generations from the lanes of Chandni Chowk since 1951 the jewellery house offers just that.

Offering jewellery ingrained with ornate motifs and precious gemstones they have been the arbiters of cultural heritage through Sparkling Silver Artifacts, Traditional Polki, Diamond Solitaires and Temple Gold Jewellery.

After journeying through 3 generations, a new address in Greater Kailash 1 and a whole lot of modern innovations later Krishna Jewellers mark their presence at Bridal Asia 2019. Here’s what’s on offer in this time-tested buffet of jewels that you need to come looking for.  


Anything can go out of fashion but everything in fashion goes with Diamond. 

Expect: Intricately cut and uncut pieces from gemstones to dreamy solitaires, rings and exquisite diamond bracelets.


There’s Polki wherever there are traditions and customs.

Expect: Excellent uncut and enameled pieces that are finished with non-negotiable quality standards. With precious gemstones studded carefully in every piece with a series of pearls hanging on the outline.


Gold is not just a piece of jewellery but symbolic of emotions and values passed down through generations. 

Expect: Temple gold jewellery rendered in collar necklaces, rani haars, chokers and heavy layered necklaces for every bride. 

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