Raniwala 1881: An odyssey of Jadau from Mughal to Millennial via handcrafted heritage Jadau Jewellery

Custodians of traditional jewels with artisanal techniques and finest gemstones that echo imperial history of the land, a brand that embraces time and has evolved with it” is how the brand Raniwala describes itself through the ages.

Now picture a Rajasthani millennial from Mughal era royalty, decked up in Jadau jewellery. A peculiar personification representative of a new convention that moulds the traditional into the contemporary and that’s how we describe Raniwala, the brand and its quintessential customer by means of their new collection Anaira by Raniwala 1881.

A synergy of past with the present and custom with the zeitgeist, Raniwala 1881 bridge the roots of Rajasthani handcraft’s heritage with the NOW.

The most recent interpretation of Jadau from the storied jewellery house is an ode to contemporary women through a handcrafted collection of Jadau heirlooms; reflective in equal parts of new age reinvention and time-honored craftsmanship. Explore and find a piece to add to your collection at Bridal Asia Delhi, 5th – 7th October 2019, Hotel Ashok, Chanakyapuri.


Raaniwala 1881 as a brand has been championing Jadau jewellery inspired by the history of the Raniwala family rooting back to the 17th century. Every piece holds in its intricacies the unusual setting of Jadau techniques, artifacts and architecture of the family’s ancestral haveli.


Jadau Jewellery, a thousand year old art form, requires expert mastery and synergy among groups of craftsmen – Ghaarias, Meenakar and Sunar. The shape of each stone is carefully studied with an experienced eye of the Raniwala family, and embedded at their ateliers.


Experience a celebratory assortment of thoughtfully curated pieces from the brand’s newest collection Anaira that extends beyond the scope of just wedding jewellery to festive and occasion wear. For more elaborate bridal finds sift through the previous collection Brides handcrafted in 18K gold, playing on colours and shapes, embedded with flat-cut polki diamonds, precious Russian and Zambian emeralds, rubies, blue sapphires, pink tourmalines and South Sea pearls.

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