Designer cults of the Indian bride. Find yours at Bridal Asia.

If finding a soul mate is the task of a lifetime, what’s almost as tricky is the task of finding the other one and only, THE one that will be tailor made for you, THE one that will guide you go all the way to that perfect matrimonial bliss, we’re talking about the one and only wedding outfit(s).
As mainstream as the Indian wedding can be, every bride’s intuitive aesthetic manifests very specifically in the form of her outfit choices.
What she wears is more than a lewk and is an extension of all that she feels while giving everyone else the feels. Whether she likes to take norm(al) by a storm or dwell in custom and the classique, Indian brides have got their signature jam. Over time, this has incubated bridal cohorts with codes of their own, fashion cults of sorts for the new-age bride. It’s time to find yours at Bridal Asia.

Couture Only Patrons
Category Is: Opulence 101

When you’re a legacy loyalist and live for the drama that rests in the deep-rooted grandeur of the heavyweights of bridal couture.
Designers to look out for: Rohit Bal and Monisha Jaisingh

Rohit Bal

Monisha Jaisingh

Nouveau Aesthetes
Category Is: Fashion Forward On-Fleek

When you are all about re-inventing archetypes with the trailblazers of luxury and craftsmanship. The designers-of-interest are the ones who create fashion that is avant-garde, experimental and off the beaten path.
Designers to look out for: Rahul Mishra and Amit Aggarwal

Rahul Mishra

Amit Aggarwal

Good Ol’ Traditionalists
Category Is: Custom Made

When you’re on mission tradition and finding that perfect weave is what gives you life. Thriving in the comfort of that quintessential silk or the most exquisite textile, you’re a proponent of the minimal, understated and time-honored.

Designers to look out for: Matsya and Loka By Veerali Raveshia

Matsya By Utkarsh Ahuja

‘Loka’ By Veerali Raveshia

‘Loka’ By Veerali Raveshia

Millennial Crusaders
Category Is: Nonconformist Chic

When breaking the status quo is a way of life and the wedding day much like that would be a quest for individuality, inclusivity and all ‘em good vibes. This is a tribe that prefers a motley mix of authentic, on-trend and unique.
Designers to look out for: Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika, Qbik and Zara Umriga

Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika


Zara Umrigar

Destination Revelers
Category Is: Jet-Set Glam

When destination-forever-after is just the beginning for the forever after to come. The choice of outfits is going to be as easy-going and stripped-down chic as action-packed would the actual festivities be.
Designers to look out for: Akanksha Gajria and Anushka Khanna

Akanksha Gajria

Anushka Khanna

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