Before the #BigFatIndianWedding comes the bigger, fatter and more industrious task of planning that wedding. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture from an Indian wedding is worth much more literally and figuratively speaking.  Reason: outfits, outfits and more outfits. In the build up to the extended festivities, tradition and exuberance of it all, the hunt for the perfect outfit(s) is paramount.

Enter Bridal Asia: the biggest ally in the process leading up to saying yes to the dress, be it the bride, the fam, a friend or a serial wedding attendee.  Luxury and Opulence unravels like nowhere else.

Mumbai: 17th – 19th August 

Venue: Dome, NSCI, SVP Stadium, Worli

Delhi: 5th – 7th October 

Venue: Hotel Ashok, Chanakyapuri

Here’s a 5-point breakdown of what you possibly knew, but didn’t really know or just in case you missed it.

  • One-stop shop:

Experience and choose from a selectively curated designer directory in one place. Months and months of research of putting together a list of the most coveted plus up-and-coming designers and jewellery houses is reduced to a 2-3 day activity of just choosing from the best of luxury for the attendees. The work is already done, what’s left is a thorough exploration and final decisions to be made. #MatchMadeInBridalHeave

  • Meet The Designers:

Skip the tedious pursuit of scheduling individual appointments and consult multiple designers personally during the 3-day event. Make the couturiers part of the entire process beginning with understanding their creations, getting unique perspectives and eventually choosing the right one for you. #MeetYourMatch

  • Choose then Customize:

Take it all the way by picking your preferred fits and then personalize them to your unique tastes and experiences. Find one-off pieces plus cult favourites rendered to your liking that fit the bill for your preferences. #OneOfAKind

  • Crown Jewels :

Access the most prestigious jewellery houses from all around the country i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkatta in a single trip to Bridal Asia instead of travelling far and wide. Kill two birds with one stone whilst you find the perfect accompaniments and try different permutations of your outfits with the jewellery, all in one go. #NotSoHiddenTreasure

  • Never Seen Before:

Not only do you get access to the most sought-after designers and their craft but also their most recent collections being unveiled for the first time at Bridal Asia. Add early access to the plethora of choices being offered exclusively. #SpoiltForChoice

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