Delhi: Here’s What To Expect At The Bridal Asia Exhibition SS’19

A hand-picked curation of the choicest designer apparel, jewellery, footwear and accessories, perfect for a festive wardrobe this summer, comes to life at the March exhibition in Delhi. From a bride looking for her dream trousseau to a bridesmaid shopping for her sister’s wedding, there are options layered, for each preference at the March edition of Bridal Asia.

This is a special summer edition for our beloved label-lovers, as the most celebrated designers from across the country come together to make for an endless selection of festive ensembles. From breezy outfits perfect for summer soirées to heavily embroidered and layered ensembles for serial wedding attendees, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a quick peak into what to expect from the bridal exhibition of the season, this March:

Rahul Mishra : 

The designer’s signature floral pattern are often seen come to life with contemporary silhouettes, timeless colours and dainty, intricate embroidery.

Quick tip for the bride-to-be: Opt for one of his opulent ensembles engulfed in intricate embroidery for the functions before the big day and change things up with a lighter outfit for the wedding.

Sahil Kochhar:

With an unparalleled old-world charm, Sahil Kochhar’s designs are greatly inspired by the rich cultural kernel India has to offer. His modern interpretation of a traditional India is nothing short of empowering.

Quick tip for the bride-to-be: If you’re having a summer wedding, there is no way you don’t want to be a Sahil Kochar bride. Go all out with a heavily embroidered gown for your engagement or a pastel lehenga for your wedding. This could also be a bridesmaid special.

Monika Nidhii:

A potent mix of uniqueness, elegance, and timelessness come together to create the magic of Monika Nidhii. This feminine favourite is the key to making heads turn.

Quick tip for the bride-to-be: If you’re young and looking for oomph in your outfit for the big day, look no further!

Abhinav Mishra: 

A celebration of the modern woman, the brand is synonymous with mirror-work. Their signature style involves a mélange of beautiful pastel tones, textures, intricate embroideries, and the age-old craft of mirror work. 

Quick tip for the bride-to-be/bridesmaid: This isn’t a brand you need to think twice about. Perfect for any summer function, these mirror work lehengas can work for both brides and bridesmaids!

Ritika Mirchandani: 

Label, Ritika Mirchandani, has been the newest addition to the catalogue of couture designers, epitomising femininity and modernity through tradition. 

Quick tip for the bride-to-be/bridesmaid: For those of you who prefer to keep things simple and feel comfortable while still looking your best, pick one of the label’s breezy outfits for your pre-wedding functions.

Rohit Bal: 

Rohit Bal’s celebrated label has been defined by the designer’s unique design language, inspired by history, fantasy, and folklore. 

Quick tip for the bride-to-be: Take the red plunge on one of the lighter nights like the ‘Sangeet’ and get your mom to do a dark-hued Rohit Bal number for your wedding.

Akanksha Gajria: 

Akanksha Gajria, the label, is inspired by the tie and dye technique from Rajasthan, having created a niche for the brand. 

Quick tip for the bridesmaids: If you’re big on colour and planning to go all-out wither your sister’s/best friend’s wedding, look no further

Anushree Reddy: 

Anushree Reddy’s distinctive identity has been at the forefront for its irreverent use of flamboyant colours, glamor, and breezy garments.

Quick tip for the bride-to-be: You should be prepared to fall in love with every last piece.

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