Wedding Themes

With a celebration that lasts over several days, weddings in India are auspicious occasions that call for unending feasting, dancing, drinking, performing rites and toasting with near and dear ones. The anticipation of a wedding starts much earlier than the actual day and there is huge chaos and excitement to get everything done just right. From the venue, the jewelry, the photographer, the menu to the outfit and makeup, there is an immense amount of planning required. To celebrate this day, the bride and groom have certain desires and wishes in their mind. The theme of the wedding is one such area of consideration that has undergone several shifts in the last few years.

Moving away from the traditional wedding, families are now opting for different themes that will make this day indelible in everyone’s minds. The décor and setup all help to compliment this theme and make it perfect. Here is a list of themes that are currently trending and you can choose from for your big day.



Vintage wedding themes are really trending and are all about replicating a particular era, be it Victorian era, an English theme or even a lavish and royal Mughal wedding. The whole décor and set up is arranged in order to provide a vintage ambience. Popular choices of props include elaborate chandeliers, candle stands, vintage linen with motifs such as flowers, birds etc, fairy lights and vintage crockery. Not only this, don’t forget to dress vintage as well! Opt for more pastel shades and work around with some lace to give that soft look. A vintage car is just a cherry on the cake.


Rajasthani weddings are at the heart of all Indian weddings. Nothing screams royalty and opulence more than this Rajawada style of marriage. With bursts of contrasting colors such as red, orange, yellow, blue in props, rangolis, carts, jhulas and pinwheels this theme truly says celebration at its best. One can also explore the Rajasthani cuisine and indulge themselves in some of their finest delicacies and savoring desserts. Folk dances and singers create an aura that transport one to the Rajputana era. Traditional wedding attires with heavy embroideries and bright hues accessorized with jewelry are a perfect example of their rich cultural heritage.


A floral theme generally suits an outdoor venue where you allow the natural beauty of nature and the multi-hued blossoms take over your wedding décor. Exotic flowers and plants can be used to create an archway for your entrance and trees can be adorned with lanterns and fairy lights. The bride and bridesmaids can have some customized floral jewelry as well such as crowns, bracelets and rings etc made of garlands. Delight your guests with some floral wedding favors as well. Origami, paper flowers, artificial flowers etc can be used as well for an extra floral touch.


The institution of marriage in India is very sacred and carries a lot of religious beliefs and sentiments with it. A traditional Indian wedding celebrates all these religious beliefs and the sanctity of Indian weddings. The central theme of your wedding can be a god/deity that you worship and the wedding décor can include his idols and figurines. Spiritual and devotional songs can make this occasion of union more special. Small figurines can also be used for gifting purposes and to seek blessings of others.


We have grown up watching Sharukh Khan romancing in green fields or dancing in the rain. A bollywood themed wedding is exactly that extravagant marriage that one can see in movies. The bride and groom can do some role-play and re-create looks of their favorite actors. Dancing and choreographing some of the most hit bollywood songs will spread that charm even further. A red carpet entrance, interviews of friends and family, photographers constantly snapping will recreate the glitz and glam of bollywood. Even wedding invites can feature a retro look with the bride and groom posing like their favorite stars. You can even release a pre-wedding trailer and set up a photo booth at the main day.


Another interesting wedding theme is to decide on a color and make it central to your wedding décor, props, outfit and invites. You can even experiment with a combination of two colors such as black and gold. The décor and setup can feature shades of the two colors such as gold plates on black linen. Pastel shades of light blue and pink is another very popular choice. The wedding attire can feature the two pastel hues and so can the décor such as flowers, props, candles etc. Wedding invites and hampers can be designed in such a manner that they feature the colors of your choice reflecting the theme of the wedding.

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