Oh My Florals- From Decor to Lehengas, everything smells fresh

A lot of creative thoughts and innovative ideas go into planning a wedding in which case it becomes necessary to keep coming up with innovative and picture-perfect themes for the wedding. The three things that guests (almost always) take away from a wedding is the food, the decor and the memories. So come wedding season, everything has to be perfect, from the couples perfectly matched outfits and the brilliance of food to the elegance of the decor.

In 2018, one of the fastest rising trends is the inclusion of florals in your theme. And really, is it even a spring wedding without some flowers? Here’s a few ways that you can use flowers to aggrandise the vibrance at your wedding!

We recommended contrasting the colour of the flowers with the theme of the wedding. You could use a two coloured theme; white with baby pink or pale green, aqua blue and yellow or essentially any theme that would rightly portray the sheer joy you’re feeling!

Picture via @theivyofficial

The traditional kalires are either silver or gold which signify the blessings of the elders to the bride. The umbrella shape of kalire is symbolic of never having to run out of food while the metal is symbolic of wealth. But this has been recently taken over by using fresh flowers to symbolise the blooming of a new life.

Keeping in mind the theme of your wedding, you can choose the flowers that go with your lehenga. White roses will work great with any pastel colour dress. 

Flower Crown


The bride can ditch the traditional crown and wear a floral crown. Mix it up with large and small flowers and leaves to give it a boho look or keep it simple with pops of colors. You can take it a step ahead and have your bridesmaids wear matching flower crowns as accessories.


The look of any bride is incomplete without jewellery. Of late, using flowers as an alternative to ordinary jewellery has become a norm. It started with flowers used as a maang tika and has extended to necklaces, rings, earrings and floral dupattas too.

Picture by @theglamwedding_getthelook

When using flowers for your jewellery, care must be taken because who would want to be wearing wilted flowers. They have to be fresh and should smell lovely. Besides adding a more feminine aura to the bride’s look, they can add contrast to their outfit.

Floral Printed Dress for the Bride

Every bride dreams of being dressed in a Sabyasachi Lehenga on the day of her wedding, and Anushka Sharma’s elegant, blush pink lehenga with florals just reinforced our determination to own a dress inspired by his designs. If this weren’t enough, Virat Kohli’s sherwani was in perfect harmony with Anushka’s lehenga.


His latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection only reinforces the rising trends of florals.   The use of subtle colors and bold print of flowers on the lehenga is nothing short of magical.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For your wedding, you can borrow inspiration from Sabyasachi’s collections and co-ordinate the hues of your lehenga to match the theme of your wedding. Those who opt for pastels can have bright florals on their lehenga or keep the lehenga simple and implement floral embroidery on their dupatta. The grooms can wear a complementing sherwani or decide on contrasting shades. You can select an ensemble from a variety of options, so take charge and decide on the dress of your dreams to give you that bridal glow from within.

Floral Chaddar
Designed by @elan_ebn

The moment when the bride enters her wedding, flanked by her sisters, brothers, and friends, all eyes are on her. It is essential that the floral chaddar has to be on point. Here, you can experiment with all kinds of flowers, from giving the wedding a more vintage feel by using white roses to providing an exotic feel by using bright colored flowers.


The traditional mandap has been replaced by a grander setting to provide a regal aura to an auspicious event. We can surround the canopy with blooming flowers of different colors to make for a lavish wedding. A floral mandap will exude a fairy-tale romance with its plethora of flowers. You can use a backdrop of white mandap as they act as a canvas waiting to be painted with flowers.  

A Floral Fountainfloral-fountain-14531291567578vp9

We have all heard of a water fountain but to give it a more whimsical feel, decorate the fountain with flowers and add floating candles to the pool. This will not only give your wedding a fantasy theme but also is a great way to craft a jaw-dropping aesthetic for your wedding.

Curtain Drapes


For those who are planning to have an outdoor wedding under a tent, this is a great way to cover up the support beams. Use a garland flowers and ivy or boxwood leaves to give it a plump look.


Arranging a floor-to-ceiling arrangement of colour-coordinated blooms and flowers serve as the perfect backdrop for some pretty fantastic ceremony photos.

Along the staircase

dessin original du parc date de 1664

Transform the railing of the stairs into a floral masterpiece by lining them with vines of greenery and scattered flower petals to make for a ridiculously impressive entrance of the bride.

Centre pieces and Bouquets 

Place a gorgeous bouquet of flowers at the centre of each table to give the everyday tablecloth some appeal as they will add an intense shade of colour.


You can also decorate the chairs and tables with flowers. Align the chairs and tables with mogra or roses to have them smelling fresh in addition to looking stunning. 

Get-away Car

Last but not the least, the moment when the bride and groom drive off to their happily-ever-after, all eyes are on them, so it is essential that the getaway car has to be decorated beautifully.


Now that you have these tips at your disposal, use them and create the most amazing floral themed wedding and share your pictures with us 🙂 



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